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At Seryn, we believe that every individual deserves access to quality therapy and treatment, no matter the challenges they face. Our commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering an environment of healing has led us to develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of those struggling with trauma and dissociation.


By providing a means for personalized care and empowering individuals with the resources they need to reclaim their lives, we aim to create a world where no one feels alone in their journey toward recovery. 

Networking Meetings

Community Mental Health Promotion is vital to treatment. To receive therapy you first must know what are the options. We are dedicated to creating, forming and maintaining free mental health networking events to interconnect treatment and allow for clients to be seen by the best possible option. Our network meetings began in Denton in 2022 and have expanded to Allen Texas. We hope to continue expanding this event to several key locations in Texas. 

Support Group Session

Integrative Trauma Therapy Association

Our association of licensed professional trauma therapist is to create a comprehensive training program that will equip human service professionals and therapists with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and address the signs of chronic trauma and dissociation. It also serves as a means for trauma therapists to receive reasonably priced trauma therapy training and wellness benefits that can lead to professional and personal growth. 

Support Group Meeting

Individual Therapy 

Dissociation and trauma can be overwhelming burdens to bear alone, often requiring professional help to navigate the healing process. Unfortunately, the financial strain of individual therapy can deter many from seeking the support they truly need. This is where Seryn's commitment to cost-sharing shines like a beacon of hope, ensuring that those struggling with trauma and dissociation are not left to face their battles in isolation. By generating revenue through our diverse product and service offerings, we are able to subsidize therapy costs and alleviate financial barriers. Individual therapy ranges from $70-$250 per session. Seryn attempts to pay $50-$100 per session with up to $1-$50 paid by the client if possible.  

Therapy Session
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